Unified & Powerful.

Designed to be clean and intuitive to use, the Loop Inbox™ is the ultimate tool for managing customer communications and feedback. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to build relationships with a local audience or a large enterprise with omni-channel messaging and measurement needs across a global network, the Loop Inbox™ is one powerful tool to meet all your requirements.

Unified Team Inbox.

Regardless of the size of your company, our unified team inbox helps you to connect and collaborate more efficiently. You can assign roles or responsibilities to different team members ensuring customer concerns and feedback are routed to the right person at the right time. 


The Loop Inbox™ was designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, so we know you’ll love it. With a clean and simple interface, our inbox doesn’t require any heavy training or complicated tutorials for your team to understand. It’s a tool that’s made to be simple and based on a design philosophy our engineers refer to as “intuitiv-ity design.”

Message and Measure.

Loop® is the only platform that allows you to manage multi-channel messaging and measure the customer experience on one unified platform. With Loop Messenger™, you can receive and respond to customers using SMS, email, Facebook, and more. With Loop Pulse™, you can measure the customer experience anywhere during their journey. It’s two customer engagement solutions in one.

Tag. You're It!

With Loop®’s integrated tagging feature, you can organize message themes or alert internal team members in a faster and more effective manner. Loop® can even read the message and auto-tag it on your behalf. As a result, messages and feedback from your customers are always routed to the right person to deliver an exceptional customer experience, in real-time.  


Invite a single customer or an entire group to connect and message with you. With Loop®’s invitations feature, you can send out messaging requests to customers via SMS/Text or email to begin a conversation on the channel of their choice. 


Always ensure a timely response to every customer with our escalations feature. Whether you receive a direct message or feedback using Loop Pulse™ our escalations feature, can allow you to alert the right team member based on availability and seniority. 

Multi-Channel Messaging

With the ability to link multiple messaging channels into one Inbox via Loop Messenger™, you can save time and effort in managing all inbound conversations across email, SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more!

Response Library

You can create standardized responses to frequently asked questions and make them available to your team members within the Loop Inbox™. They can quickly search and select them to respond to customer messages with a greater degree of consistency and efficiency. 

Internal Tagging

Alert other team members of conversations they need to act upon by using our internal tagging feature. You can assign conversations to a department or a specific team member, ensuring they are looped in and ready to respond to the customer’s needs in real-time!

Team Collaboration

Add team members to the Loop Inbox™ by role or department, so everyone is connected and can respond to customers. Internal notes allow you to communicate and share information across your team to help them respond or take action on a customer issue.

Enhance your inbox with a powerful customer communications suite, designed to help you engage with them. With Loop Messenger™, you can connect with customers on a wide range of messaging channels including SMS/Text, email, Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message and several others.

Ready to measure your customer’s actual experience with you?  Loop Pulse™ allows you to collect feedback from customers across a wide-range of in-person and online touch points. You can collect real-time feedback as well as message and recover those at risk, making it a powerful customer engagement tool. 

Contact A Customer Engagement Specialist

Let one of our experienced Engagement Specialists set up a unified Loop Inbox™ solution to meet your unique needs.