Engage Everywhere

With Loop®, the customer experience management platform trusted by the most customer-centric brands. With a unified inbox supporting multiple messaging channels, in-moment customer surveys, and an advanced reporting and analytics suite – you can truly engage with your customers everywhere.



Loop can measure every key moment in the customer journey, both online and offline. You can deploy customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys across multiple touchpoints and immediately recover at-risk customers in the moment. You can measure a single location or every touchpoint along their journey with your brand.



Communicate and engage with your customers in their moment of truth. From basic SMS conversations to a unified inbox supporting multiple channels including Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message and more, Loop ensures that you can always engage with your customers on the channel they prefer – at the right moment in their journey.



Loop has a unified inbox where you can read and respond to messages and customer feedback in real-time. You can communicate internally with other team members, escalate or route messages, and use tags to mobilize teams or departments for action. It even comes with a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices, for team members on the move.



With Loop, you can segment contacts and create an automated journey of digital engagement personalized to each customer. It can map to key events in your unique journey and send timely messages or surveys to engage and measure the customer experience. Further, your customers get a fast and relevant response to their concerns – each and every time.



The Loop platform comes with a suite of dashboards, reporting, and visualization tools to help you learn more about customer preferences, identify operational issues, isolate areas for improving service, and influence employee behaviour in real-time. These insights can be used to improve training, processes, and more to enhance the experience.



The Loop API can be used to integrate with enterprise systems of record such as CRM, POS, PMS, and BI platforms. It includes a series of Location, Channel, Conversation, and Response APIs for registering proprietary or third-party channels, and pulling and pushing data. If you require flexibility and scalability, rest assured that Loop can deliver.

Core Capabilities

Omni-Channel By Design

Loop includes comprehensive omni-channel messaging and feedback capabilities designed to support any business. The platform provides a strong foundation for any digital customer experience program by allowing companies to create customer journeys, collect feedback, engage in real-time, respond, and analyze results.

Channel Management Framework

The platform includes a Channel Management framework for the configuration and deployment of channels, whether the touchpoints be traditional, digital, or physical in nature. With Loop, adding new channels is easy and key to supporting a scalable platform that grows with your CX program’s evolvement.

Reporting and Analytics

Loop provides a wide range of tools for optimizing your customer experience program. From heat maps measuring feedback by hour, shift, and day to trending topics analysis, topic maps, category reports, and scoreboards, the platform provides the key insights to continuously streamline operations and improve service quality.


  • “Benbria® is helping us establish a deeper personal connection between our staff and our customers by facilitating more feedback during their visit.”

    Senior Director Operating Excellence

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