What is Loop?

Loop® is a mobile, text and insight solution that allows your staff and customers to connect instantly in real-time throughout the entire journey resulting in improved satisfaction, more revenue and better operations.

A Few of Our Happy Customers

How can Loop help you?


Connect better with your customers through their channel of choice – texting, native app, web app, email, kiosk.


Enhance the experience by taking advantage of every opportunity to act on requests, suggestions, concerns & compliments.



Actively engage more customers and learn where you can save at-risk customers, up-sell & cross-sell, and build more loyalty.

& Act

Leverage real-time customer dialog, data & insights to improve operations, motivate your team, increase satisfaction and drive more sales.

How is Loop different?


Deliver consistent, fast and relevant communications across all channels and devices, making it easy for your customers to connect with you via text, native app, web app, email, kiosk.


Integrate with CRM, PMS, POS and CRS. This means you get more value from your current investments and deeper insights into your customers' interactions.



Real-time natural language processing allows you to track customer dialog and insights by location, date and time, and benchmark weekly, daily and shift data related to satisfaction.

Customer Success

Your Loop investment is backed by our customer success management program. We work with you to help you better connect with your customers and achieve the best ROI.

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