Why Omni-Channel is the Key to Generation Z

The hospitality industry has been obsessing over Millennials for the past five years, in some cases going so far as to create all-new hotel chains to cater exclusively to them. But Generation Z is now poised to arrive on the scene, and soon, hoteliers will need to look to the future and figure out how to attract them to their properties.

We’ve talked about Generation Z before on our blog. This generation is the most connected of them all. Unlike Millennials, most of whom remember the days before the Internet became mainstream, Generation Z has never known what it means to be unplugged. As the Digital Tourism Think Tank states: “Gen Z is a multi-tasking and a multiple screen generation (TV, iPhone, laptop, desktop, iPad, etc.) with a short attention span of eight seconds. That is something that marketers should carefully consider when creating content for that generation.”

As a hotelier, you may be wondering what this has to do with you. While true that most members of Generation Z are too young to globetrot on their own, the fact remains that the oldest members of this generation are already entering college. On top of that, the younger members of Generation Z hold a lot of influence over family travel decisions; Travel Weekly reports 88 percent of Gen Z travelers have input in their families’ next destination.

This is why you, as a hotelier, must be cognizant of what Generation Z wants when they travel — and then use that information to create an experience that benefits not just them, but also every other generation that stays with you. That’s where omni-channel comes in.

What Is Omni-Channel?

Simply put, omni-channel is a seamless customer service experience that occurs across several modes of communication, including telephone, social media, texting, and instant messaging. It’s a strategy that has long been used in retail to great effect, but the hospitality industry has been slower to get on board. At its heart, omni-channel gives customers the freedom to reach out to a brand via the communication channel they are most comfortable using.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some key stats that demonstrate why an omni-channel approach is the best way to win Generation Z to your hotel.

The Stats

  1. Skift reports that more than 50 percent of Gen Z travelers use their smartphone when looking for travel inspiration, and more than 70 percent use their devices while they’re on the road.
  2. According to a study conducted by Mobile Marketer, 88 percent of Generation Z members use Snapchat and Instagram frequently, versus only 81 percent for Facebook and 66 percent for Twitter. While Facebook is a popular channel for brands to do business, it’s important not to ignore platforms that rely more on visuals.
  3. Reported by Inc Magazine, members of Generation Z tend to multi-task across an average of five screens, including smartphones, tablets, and iPods.
  4. Entrepreneur revealed that Generation Z spends between six and 10 hours on their mobile devices each and every day.
  5. Tech.Co uncovered that 13 percent of Gen Z’ers check their phones every few seconds.
  6. In Skift’s Trend Report it was revealed that generation Z-ers largely use between two and four social media apps every day.
  7. According to Sabre, only nine percent of Generation Z-ers use voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri, underscoring that this generation would much rather text than talk.

Learn more about what an omni-channel approach can do for your hotel! Download our white paper, Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotels.

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