Hotels today are facing challenges from many corners. Although more people are traveling than ever, services such as Airbnb and VRBO are slowly but surely leaching market share from hotels. On top of that, OTA websites such as Booking.com and Expedia are charging sizeable commission rates to distribute hotel rooms, while at the same time...
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May is the month that launches a summer of long weekends. It’s that time of year when winter melts into spring — perfect for a day of pampering at a hotel spa or exploring a new city. That’s why the theme of our second #LoopLens Instagram contest is Gotta Get Away in May. Here’s how it...
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Your guests want technology to be a part of their hotel stay. Technology is no longer a luxury or an amusing diversion from everyday life; on the contrary, it’s inextricably twined with everyday life. When your guests set foot on your property, they want access to technology that can make their stay more comfortable and...
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For many hotels,five-star hotel status is elusive. The first and most obvious reason is that various awarding bodies have different standards of excellence. According to the Forbes Travel Guide (formerly known as the Mobil Travel Guide), which has been awarding hotels their stars since 1958, five-star hotels “are outstanding, often iconic properties with virtually flawless...
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Data. Most brands covet it, but consumers aren’t always willing to part with it — and those who unknowingly part with it are sometimes less than pleased when brands use it. Nevertheless, brands must acquire as much of it as they can if they want to differentiate themselves from their competition. Hotels that are maximizing...
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  Applicable Product(s): Pulse Fast casual restaurants can use Loop kiosks to collect ratings on key metrics and solicit comments from guests. These kiosks allow guests to offer feedback on the quality of food, service, cleanliness, or any other metrics that are relevant to your business. The guest responses are tallied up and displayed on a...
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As any hotelier worth his salt knows, guest service is the bread and butter of the hospitality industry. Thanks to the power of social media and the audience it affords, a single dissatisfied guest can have a disastrous effect on the reputation of the hotel she has just stayed at. More than ever, it’s necessary...
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There’s no question that guest loyalty is still important to the health of hospitality brands in 2017. One might argue that it’s more important than ever, now that travelers can base their booking decisions on the millions of reviews that populate TripAdvisor and choose alternate accommodation models such as Airbnb. But what does loyalty mean,...
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  As with so many things in life, the travel and hospitality industries were forever changed by the internet and portable technology. Technology has irrevocably altered the way people plan and experience travel. Today,the connected traveler can access hotels, airlines, travel blogs, guide books, and maps all from a single device. They can live chat...
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Applicable Product(s): Pulse, Messenger Although Loop asks guests to input their names and contact information when they submit feedback, there are some who will nonetheless provide it anonymously — and then use that anonymity to include inappropriate or abusive language in messages to front-line staff. Understandably, many managers will want to protect their team from...
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