In an age where disruptors are forcing traditional brands in the hospitality industry to re-think how they attract and retain business, hoteliers must be innovative in engaging their guests. Gone are the days when hotels could attract guests simply by being the best in the neighborhood. Gone are the days when they could get guests...
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Most hoteliers know that technology isn’t going away, and that today’s guest expects to be able to use technology at a hotel the same way they would at home. But it’s about more than just streaming Netflix in their guest rooms — it’s also about the ease and convenience that hotel technology can provide in...
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Thoughts from Future Hotel Leaders at Cornell University Earlier this year, I had the immense privilege of visiting Ithaca, NY, to be a guest lecturer at the prestigious Cornell School of Hotel Administration. I was invited by Dr. Rohit Verma, a professor and the Dean for External Relations at Cornell College of Business. He is...
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Reputation management can be a problem area for many businesses. The internet has made it easy for guests to broadcast their satisfaction (or, in many cases, their displeasure) with a brand to others all over the world. In the space of a few minutes, a public excoriation can be seen by thousands of users on...
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Mobile is the future of business. In recent years, we’ve seen a profusion of mobile- and app-based startups that exploded into multi-billion-dollar corporations — think Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft. And these companies are not the exception to the rule; businesses that want to survive in this new environment must adopt mobile technology to connect with...
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