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HITEC just ended, so it’s fitting that this month’s hospitality headlines mostly touched on tech trends in the industry. Why is the Hawaii Tourism Authority fixated on appealing to Millennial travelers? And when they inevitably start venturing out on their own, what will Generation Z travelers want when they stay at a hotel? These questions...
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  September saw Marriott finally close the deal to acquire Starwood. This month, data has overturned some of the hospitality industry’s misconceptions about Airbnb and OTA fees — it turns out Airbnb may not be as much of a threat to hotels as previously thought, and loyalty rates may be more detrimental to hotels than...
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  After months of counter-bidding, followed by a lengthy approval process, Marriott finally closed the deal to acquire Starwood this September. Direct booking and the fallout from the Brexit decision to leave the UK remained in the news, as well. And technology use, particularly when it comes to robots, is starting to pick up steam...
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  August was a busy month in hospitality. The direct booking issue remained in the headlines, with hoteliers confident they will see gains in the future, if they haven’t already. In France, recent terror attacks have had a negative impact on room bookings, while in China, the Ministry of Commerce has asked for more time...
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  Last month, the hospitality industry was embroiled in the fallout of the Brexit vote, in which the U.K. voted to leave the EU, but July has been more about fun and games. Pokémon Go — an augmented-reality mobile video game all about catching, training, and battling pocket monsters — was released on July 6,...
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  Move over, Marriott-Starwood merger! Bigger news has made a splash in the hospitality pond this month. The Brexit referendum, in which 51.9 percent of UK citizens voted on June 23 to leave the European Union, is expected to have significant ramifications for the hospitality industry around the globe. Brexit vote: Three quarters of hospitality...
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  In April, we covered the emerging booking war between OTAs and hotels — a conflict that has continued into May, with Choice Hotels joining Marriot, Hilton, and Hyatt in refusing to concede any more market share to the OTAs. Here are some of the top hospitality news and industry insights from the past month. Choice Hotels...
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