Sometimes, if your organization is large enough, having effective internal communication can be tricky; Multiple channels, hundreds of notifications from guests, designating tasks to specific teams, it can get a little chaotic. But it doesn’t have to. With Loop®’s internal chat tool, team members can foster better collaboration and responses to suit guest needs. It’s...
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Within the past decade text messaging has been engraved into our culture. From sending a quick text to friends to scheduling restaurant reservations, it’s a form of communication that comes so easy to us, and that we have become accustomed to use daily. Texting however, isn’t just a tool for leisure but a huge business...
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The word “getaway” is synonymous with travel, but that doesn’t mean travelers want to literally get away from the comforts of home — especially when they’re on the road for work and may be missing their families. Your hotel experience should do everything in its power to make sure guests feel comfortable when they’re staying...
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Your hotel website may be one of your most important assets. It’s more than just an information tool for your guests; it’s also the place where, in many cases, potential guests get a first glimpse of what you have to offer. And what you have to offer must encapsulate more than available rooms — you...
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  In the past few months — perhaps even years — much has been made of Airbnb’s impact on the hospitality industry. Between 2010 and 2015, the number of travelers who stayed with an Airbnb host grew from 47,000 to 17 million per year. And in 2016, CEO Brian Chesky announced Airbnb’s new Experiences feature,...
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  The traveler’s definition of hospitality is evolving — so much so that it can be difficult for hotels to keep up with technological advancements in the industry. Task-performing robots are becoming a popular fixture in some hotels, and many properties are dabbling with automation of routine tasks. But the operational aspect of the hotel...
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  For a few years now, hospitality thought leaders have predicted that mobile technology will play a central role in how hospitality brands interact with their guests. They’ve championed mobile check-in as part of the inevitable transformation of the hotel lobby. They’ve pointed to mobile apps as the new frontier of travel booking. And they’ve...
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  Already using ALICE app? Or perhaps a guest texting solution by Zingle, Kipsu, Checkmate, or GuestDriven? We understand; messaging is a pretty important part of today’s guest experience. But we thought we should let you know there’s an alternative. Today, we’re going to tell you about some features of Loop you won’t necessarily find...
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