Loop® helps to deliver a better overall service experience, can help improve your survey scores and supports stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty.

Imagine Having

Increased Satisfaction

Get to know your passengers on a different level. Know their preferences and how you can cater to them and build loyalty.

Improved Reputation

Become the airline of choice by improving your reputation online. Prompt passengers immediately after their flight to share their experience.

A Customer-centric Culture

With insight into team performance and overall customer experience, you can build a better environment that keeps customer top of mind.

How We Can Help


Create an environment built on creating an exceptional customer experience. Understand customer preferences and sentiment in real-time and tailor their experience accordingly.

Useful Analytics

Collect relevant data on the customer experience from an hourly, shift, and daily basis – use our integrated reporting tools to understand customer trends and issues in real-time.

Improve Efficiency

Auto-route specific inquiries to their corresponding departments so they’re resolved promptly. Escalate messages to a specific team based on availability or seniority.

Omni-channel Messaging

Obtain valuable feedback from your passengers across a variety of online and offline channels – including kiosks, native app’s, tablets, web sites, and social messaging channels.

Timely Responses

Quickly search and select common phrases so you can respond to passenger messages with a greater degree of consistency and efficiency – improving overall sentiment.

Strong Online Presence

Be available on multiple channels and encourage conversation online. With in-the-moment notifications, you can ensure customer queries are answered promptly and effectively.

Key Benefits

Happy Travellers

  • Receiving feedback and understanding customer sentiment can help you create happier passengers whose expectations are consistently met.
  • Resolving issues in-the-moment can build loyalty and reduce negative verbage online.

Smooth Operations

  • Utilizing data on team and location performance, you can respectively train and monitor teams more effectively and efficiently.
  • Auto-route customer inquiries to specific departments to improve response times.

Maximize Revenue

  • Engage post-visit to promote return flights and bookings.
  • Effectively communicate offers or special promotions.
  • By consistently adhering to customer preferences and creating a customer-centric environment, you build loyalty and ultimately maximize revenue.

Key Features

Measure Everywhere

The Loop platform is the only solution to measure every step along the customer journey and compare performance across multiple touch points. Whether you measure performance by physical location or online, you can truly measure everywhere.

Real-Time Escalations

Always ensure a timely response to every customer by using our escalations feature. Whether you receive a direct message or feedback Loop’s escalations feature allows you to alert the right team member based on availability, seniority and department.

Cross-team Collaboration

Foster stronger communication between your team members and encourage collaboration. With Loop Messenger™, your team members can privately tag and add notes to each customer conversation as well as auto-escalate to specific people and departments as needed.

Improve NPS

Track each passengers likelihood to recommend your airline by measuring their sentiment and improving operations to enhance their overall experience. Recover at risk customers before they express negative verbage on social media or review sites.

Omni-channel Management

Obtain valuable feedback from passengers across a variety of channels including kiosks, native App’s, tablets, web sites, email and social messaging channels. With Loop, you can measure real-time sentiment across multiple stages in the customer journey.

Customer Focused Culture

Encourage friendly competition between teams and various locations to keep staff focused on service quality. With our integrated scoreboard, passenger feedback is broadcasted in real-time. It makes work more rewarding and fosters service excellence.

Trusted and Experienced

Over 10 Years of Experience

We are industry leaders, backed by the global business expertise of Wesley Clover and Verizon Ventures.

More Than 1,000 Locations

We process millions of messages and collect data across multiple customer touchpoints each day, with a 99.9% uptime record.

In Over 20 Countries

A global client and partner network means we know how to service the needs of today’s enterprise clients and their customers.

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