Deliver a faster and more consistent experience across your brand’s social and messaging channels, while gathering valuable real-time customer feedback both online and in-store.

Imagine Having

A Distinctive Customer Experience

Measure the customer journey at every touch point and use insights to perfect your distinctive customer experience.

Motivated and Engaged Teams

Engage teams by sharing real-time feedback tied to service benchmarks – fostering a customer-centric culture.

Faster and More Consistent Response Times

Deliver a consistent customer experience on a wide range of messaging channels – in a faster and more personalized manner.

"Benbria® is helping us establish a deeper personal connection between our staff and our customers by facilitating more feedback during their visit."

How We Can Help

Become Goal Orientated

Ensure associates are on the same page and working towards a unified objective focused on delivering a great experience.

Improve Operations

Gain a better understanding of the customer experience and operations – leveraging insight to always improve.

Streamline Communication

Engage customers on multiple channels in a consistent and streamlined manner, from a single unified inbox.

Real-time Recovery

Tend to at-risk customers in real-time if they have an issue. Recover a bad experience before it makes its way online.

Gain Customer Insights

Gain insights into online and in-store experiences to improve operations and service quality to drive greater loyalty.

Respond Faster

Have customer comments and concerns directed immediately to the appropriate teams to offer a faster level of service.

Key Benefits

Drive More Revenue

  • Engage customers on both digital and in-store channels at critical moments of the customer experience to increase sale conversion.
  • Broadcast timely and relevant offers on the customer’s messaging channel of choice.
  • Engage and build stronger customer relationships before, during, and post-purchase to promote more return visits and purchases.

Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Deliver faster and better service, resulting in happier and loyal customers eager to return.
  • Ask for feedback and receive it in real-time so you can recover dissatisfied customers in-the-moment.
  • Access rich reporting tools to understand areas of improvement in the customer experience and overall loyalty.

Effective Customer Service

  • Your team can save time with auto-responses and templates to answer frequently asked questions from customers.
  • Stop balancing multiple platforms and message with customers across all channels, using a single unified team inbox.
  • Use insights from real-time feedback to drive more targeted training of customer-facing staff.

Key Features

Team Collaboration

Add team members to a shared inbox by role or department, so everyone is connected and can respond to customers. Internal notes allow you to communicate and share information across your team to help them respond or take action on a customer issue.

Customer Focused Culture

Encourage friendly competition between internal teams and various locations to keep staff focused on service quality. With our integrated scoreboard, customer feedback is visible to staff in real-time. It makes every day more rewarding and fosters a culture of service excellence.

Measure Everywhere

Loop is the only solution that truly measures every step along the customer journey and compares performance across multiple touch points. Whether you want to measure performance by store or online, you can truly measure everywhere.

Fast Service Delivery

Always ensure a timely response to every customer with our escalations feature. Whether you receive a direct message or feedback, our escalations feature will automatically alert the right team member and department based on availability and knowledge.

Customer Engagement

Obtain valuable feedback and support real-time messaging with your customers across a variety of channels including in-store kiosks, native apps, websites, social media, and messaging platforms. With Loop®, you can truly deliver a superior omni-channel customer experience.

Broadcast Messaging

Send special offers or announcements to a subset of your customers using the Loop broadcasting feature. Ideal for sending notices to specialized groups, you can choose the timing, channel, message, and audience – all from the unified Inbox.

Trusted and Experienced

Over 10 Years of Experience

We are industry leaders, backed by the global business expertise of Wesley Clover and Verizon Ventures.

More Than 1,000 Locations

We process millions of messages and collect data across multiple customer touchpoints each day, with a 99.9% uptime record.

In Over 20 Countries

A global client and partner network means we know how to service the needs of today’s enterprise clients and their customers.

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