Motivate front-line staff, drive repeat business,

and gain insight into operational performance.


Loop Pulse™ is a mobile engagement solution that measures guest sentiment and allows you to communicate with and recover those at risk. Guests use the in-store kiosk or their mobile devices to rate the quality of their experience; ratings are displayed in real-time on a scoreboard to motivate front-line team members and help businesses identify operational strengths and weaknesses.

Benbria® is helping us establish a deeper personal
connection between our staff and our customers by
facilitating more feedback during their visit.

Senior Director Operating Excellence, A&W Canada

Key Benefits


Improve Operations

Loop® collects data on an hourly, shift, and daily basis, then condenses it into a report that shows dates and times where service and operations can be improved.


Deliver Higher Quality Service

Loop®’s electronic scoreboard provides insights that motivate front-line staff, creates a team environment focused on service quality, and enhances the guest experience.


Motivate and Retain Employees

The Loop® Scoreboard gamifies the work environment by providing real-time feedback on an employee’s performance, encouraging continuous self-improvement to exceed guest expectations.


Increase Guest Engagement

Instant and reliable two-way messaging means guests’ issues can be heard and resolved promptly, ensuring they leave the premises feeling more positive, satisfied, and willing to return.

Advanced Features


Loop® Kiosk

The in-store kiosk collects data points and unbiased sentiment from your guests, providing real-time insight into your key operational metrics.


Central Inbox

The Loop® Inbox manages all guest communications from both the Kiosk and Mobile applications and can be accessed by team members responsible for guest engagement.


Loop® Scoreboard

Real-time guest feedback scores keep your front-line team aware of key operational metric performance, driving them to resolve issues and improve performance.


Analytics and Reports

Access mobile reporting dashboards, graphical reports, and a mounted scoreboard display to drive insights, improve service quality, and achieve more efficient operations.


Loop® Mobile

The web app can be accessed by the guest’s mobile device to capture valuable feedback and comments on your performance from take-out, drive-through, and delivery service.



The Loop® Scoreboard makes every day at work more rewarding. You can incentivize top performers and encourage friendly competition between locations to keep staff focused on service quality.

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