Save and retain at-risk guests by maintaining a one-on-one

dialogue with them through their mobile devices.


Loop Messenger™ is a personalized, one-on-one instant messaging solution that helps build powerful connections between your guests and your brand. Guests can use their personal mobile device to leave comments, raise concerns, or ask questions, which are then relayed to the appropriate staff member or department lead, who can respond and take immediate action if needed.

With Benbria®, we have more visibility into ‘at-risk’ guests, which allows us to win them over by addressing their requests and comments while they are still on our property.

Regional Director of Operations, InterContinental San Francisco

Key Benefits


Real-time Communication

Guests can submit requests, compliments, and concerns to staff. Your property can instantly address their needs and push messages, offers, and specials of value back to them as well.


Gauge Guest Sentiment

Built-in natural language processing offers insight into your guests' sentiments, both positive and negative, over the course of their stay to help identify those at risk.


Improve Social Performance

When a guest has had a positive experience on your property, Loop® allows you to prompt them via mobile to post a review or share their experience online at the most opportune moment.


Gain Loyal and Profitable Guests

Loop® offers a unique and unforgettable experience for guests while they’re on site. It can be used to have them opt into your loyalty or post-stay marketing program to drive more direct engagement.

Advanced Features


Cross-Team Collaboration

Loop® includes internal chat tools for team members to foster better collaboration and responses to guest needs. Auto-escalations can be sent to a small group of team members or an entire multi-location network.


Scheduled Messaging

Loop®’s scheduling engine and message templates enable team members to automatically send reminders and invitations to guests at any point during their stay.


Analytics and reports

Loop®’s natural language processing measures the temperature of guest dialogue to determine if they are happy, neutral, or dissatisfied, then captures it in a trend line over the course of their stay.


Enterprise scale

Loop® runs on best-in-class secure cloud hosting services and is 100% scalable to work in any enterprise, regardless of team size or geographic operations.

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