5 Products That Simplify Hotel Operations


Some hotels struggle to simplify hotel operations — and for larger properties with hundreds of rooms, it can be a monumental undertaking. It involves coordinating multiple departments, logging statuses in housekeeping, dispatching maintenance and service, relaying room service orders to the kitchen, and delivering items to guest rooms. How is a hotelier to cope? We’ve come up with a handy list to simplify hotel operations with products that can help hotel owners keep their businesses on the right track.

KNOW Housekeeping

An effective housekeeping department to simplify hotel operations involves more than just washing sheets and delivering toiletries to guest rooms. There’s a whole process that goes on behind the scenes that the guest never sees. Front-line staff have to record guest needs, direct requests to the appropriate department or team member, and then ensure the request is fulfilled to the guest’s satisfaction. On top of that, housekeeping has to keep track of which rooms have already been cleaned and inspected.

KNOW Housekeeping, a software platform created by Knowcross, puts all the tools housekeepers need into a single solution. It automates task sheet creation, updates the PMS to indicate whether a room needs to be cleaned and/or inspected, enables real-time messaging between room attendants and supervisors, and generates performance reports. These features significantly cut down on the time needed to perform tasks, and offer valuable tools that simplify communication and coordination of tasks.

iRiS Mobile and Web Apps

Today’s guest no longer wants to wait in line to check in after a long flight or have to keep track of a room key, especially when emerging technologies make it possible to skip these elements altogether. Simplify hotel operations with iRiS which creates applications that help hotels connect with their guests and efficiently deliver a range of services, such as valet, check-in and check-out, keyless room entry, and in-room controls. The guest can access all of these services through their personal mobile devices, while on the property side, owners and staff can manage messaging for multiple properties from a single dashboard.

Mitel Connected Guests

When Mitel acquired TigerTMS in 2015, Mitel’s Chief Sales Officer, Graham Bevington, said, “The mass availability of cloud communications and mobile devices…has radically changed the hotel experience for guests and operators.” Guests now want the same digital experience at hotels as they have at home, yet many hoteliers struggle to stay up to date with these communication streams that guests now favor. This is where Mitel Connected Guests comes in to simplify hotel operations. The complete suite provides software, cloud technology, and applications for the hospitality industry. Mitel’s solutions —MiVoice and MiContact Center — make it possible for hotels to connect with guests on their personal devices with mobile check-in services and menu-based ordering.

Infor CloudSuite for Hospitality

Infor is one of the top hospitality solutions providers in the world, and its CloudSuite solution can help hoteliers keep their operations on track with features such as a property management system and incident management tools. The platform makes it possible for hoteliers to compile guest histories, build personalized guest profiles, and recommendations so that front-line staff can quickly and appropriately react to situations on a per-guest basis. With the property management system, meanwhile, hotels can automate certain housekeeping tasks and enable mobile check-in and check-out.

Loop OnDemand

Loop’s messaging platform helps hotels manage guest requests and simplify hotel operations. Through Loop OnDemand’s menu-based interface, guests can quickly and easily request items and services that the hotel offers. These requests are then automatically routed to the appropriate staff — meaning no operator intervention is required — for fulfillment. This automation is made possible by an intelligent tagging system that identifies which requests belong to which department and assigns them accordingly. With this kind of tool available, hoteliers can save front-line staff valuable administrative time and redirect their efforts to revenue-generating tasks.

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