Measure & Recover.

Understand your customer’s experience from a single point of service or throughout their journey. With Loop Pulse™, you can access real-time data on the customer experience, instantly alert staff to recover those at risk, and track performance to identify areas of improvement. All from our unified Loop Inbox™.

Omni-Channel Insights.

With Loop Pulse™, you can measure the customer experience across multiple touchpoints. From online surveys deployed in-moment to post-visit or experience email requests. From on-site kiosks measuring multiple locations to embedded surveys within your branded mobile App. With Loop Pulse™, you can measure every key moment of the customer journey, in real-time.

Gamify the Experience.

With Loop Pulse™, your team can receive real-time feedback through our engaging scoreboards designed to promote continuous self-improvement tied to customer service goals. By gamifying the employee experience and creating a customer-first culture, you not only improve service levels but also help to reduce costly employee turnover.

Real-Time Recovery.

Instant alerts and feedback routing allows you to quickly identify at-risk customers, assign the right team members to respond, and recover them in real-time. Customer issues can be heard and resolved promptly before reaching social channels, increasing the likelihood to return and improving your Net Promoter Score.

Finally. Data That's Useful.

With Loop Pulse™, you can collect data on the customer experience on an hourly, shift, and daily basis – and use our reporting tools to understand trends and issues. You can immediately identify what is needed to improve service delivery and operations, ensuring your business is delivering an exceptional customer experience at all times.

Unified Team Inbox

Allow your team members to access customer feedback and comments and respond to those at risk on a unified company platform. The Loop Inbox™ is accessible to assigned team members and can be accessed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices – meaning you can share feedback with the right people in real-time.

Omni-Channel Measurement

Obtain valuable feedback from your customers across a variety of channels including kiosks, native App’s, tablets, web sites, and social messaging channels. With Loop Pulse™, you can measure real-time sentiment across multiple stages in the customer journey.

Customer Focused Culture

Encourage friendly competition between internal teams and various locations to keep staff focused on service quality. With our integrated scoreboard, customer feedback is broadcasted in real-time for staff to see. It makes everyday at work more rewarding and fosters a culture of service excellence.

Improve Net Promoter Scores

Track your customer’s likelihood to recommend your brand by measuring their sentiment, isolating areas of weakness, and improving operations strategically to enhance their overall experience. Recover those at risk before they can do damage on social media or rating sites.

Daily Digest Reports

Start your day off right and motivate your team with our daily digest reports. Use key insights from the prior 24 hour period to motivate your team and stay focused on service targets at the beginning of each shift. It reinforces your goals and keeps you on track to continuously improve customer service.

Measure Everywhere

Loop Pulse™ is the only solution that truly measures every step along the customer journey and compares performance across multiple touch points. Whether you want to measure performance by physical location or online, you can truly measure everywhere. 


  • Benbria® is helping us establish a deeper personal connection between our staff and our customers by facilitating more feedback during their visit.

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