Loop® Achieves 1 Million User Milestone in 1st Year

We have reached an important milestone with our Loop® Mobile Customer Engagement solutions. In just one year ending in October, Loop has enabled national brands to connect and interact with over one million users. In fact we’re growing so fast, as we’re writing this blog, our Loop user count has reached 1.3 million!


These interactions — or “loops,” as we call them — are private two-way conversations between brands and individual customers. Conversation happens in real time on the customers’ preferred mobile channel: text, web app, e-mail, or in-store kiosk. A loop can be initiated by the customer or brand at any point in the customer journey.

For the brand, loops can form the basis for proactively engaging customers at any time. Loops can be used to up-sell and cross-sell products and services, provide special offers, promote programs, or follow up with customers after they visit a store, restaurant, or hotel.

For the customer, loops offer a means to engage front-line staff to request assistance, make suggestions, raise concerns, or share insights about positive experiences.

These two-way interactions are helping brands and customers make better connections and build long-term relationships. This, in turn, is helping brands convert more sales, improve front-line operations, improve online ratings, and deliver better customer experiences.


We surpassed the million loops milestone by enabling brands to capitalize on the mobile device’s ease of use and universal reach. Mobile-based engagement makes it simple for brands and customers to interact, share insights, and get immediate results. Armed with Loop®, brands are achieving a 10%–40% response rate — far better than the 1% they typically get with post-purchase surveys.

Now that we’ve proven what Loop can do, we want to help more brands reap the benefits of mobile engagement. Loop supports 4 key use cases that enable leading retail, hospitality and restaurant brands achieve their corporate objectives:

  • Customer engagement: Customers use Loop to share requests, concerns, suggestions, and compliments directly with brand employees and associates. Brands can act on these direct insights to improve the customer experience in real time at any point in the customer journey.
  • Customer notification: Brand employees use Loop to keep customers informed of new offers, products, loyalty programs and value-added services. For example, retail associates can use Loop to let customers know that products are on sale, that orders are ready for pickup, or that special loyalty benefits are available. In this case, Loop becomes a powerful tool for up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Customer recovery: Customers use Loop to tell a brand that they are dissatisfied. A brand employee can then use these operational insights to take action to recover the unhappy customer. For example, if an in-store shopper inquires about a product that isn’t in stock, an employee may be able to save the sale by submitting an online order on the customer’s behalf. Likewise, if a hotel guest is dissatisfied with the service at the hotel during their stay, hotel staff can recover the at-risk guest by responding to their concerns during their visit.
  • Online Reviews: Brands use Loop to build their online ranking by providing on-the-spot improvements and delivering an exceptional customer experience. For instance, leveraging the customers’ mobile device, staff can capture and act on their input, comments and requests in real-time. When a customer’s needs have been fulfilled, staff can close the loop by digitally prompting the customer via their mobile device to post a review on their preferred social channel.
  • Team engagement: Loop allows employees and management to engage in a more personal and direct way, preserving anonymity where required. As employees are great sources of ideas, real-time reporting helps management track ideas and make operational improvements that positively influence the guest experience.

Reaching a million loops in 12 months confirms that traditional brand-led surveys are giving way to two-way customer-led conversations. Today’s mobile–social consumers want their voices to be heard by the brands they use, and they want brands to take action to address their unique concerns. Loop enables brands to use mobile and social channels to give customers the private, two-way dialog they want. It gives brands what they want, too: actionable real-time insights throughout the entire journey that help them satisfy customers, convert more sales, and build stronger and more profitable customer relationships.

Learn how Loop can make your customers feel like one in a million. Contact us today.

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