What You Should Look for In a Customer Feedback Kiosk Vendor


Having a customer feedback kiosk is the first step to creating an unforgettable user experience, however, choosing the right vendor can be tricky.

You need a kiosk vendor that will not only generate results but also optimize performance, and create a positive customer experience.

In order to aid your search for the perfect customer feedback kiosk vendor, here are our top three qualities you should be looking for:

Aesthetically Appealing Product

When choosing a customer feedback kiosk vendor it is important that you look for one that communicates your brands message clearly, and with style.

The kiosk itself along with the display must be aesthetically pleasing, attracting customers and prompting them to interact. Customers won’t approach something that looks outdated or difficult to use, so make sure your vendor can deliver a kiosk that appeals to your intended target audience.

Customizable Platform

Your vendor should be able to customize the kiosk for your brand and your customer. Having both avenues of customization enhances the experience and keeps your brand top of mind through out the entire rating process.

For your brand, the kiosk should follow the same look and feel, having colors, wording, images and videos that represent your business. Your logo should also be displayed throughout the entire experience. If your vendor uses a kiosk that looks the same as every other customer they service, it is hard to make it truly your own.

In addition the kiosk should also be customizable to the guest in terms of language. When the guest chooses their location, the language or language options should adjust accordingly, tailoring to their needs.

Mobile Friendly

According to Wolfgang Jaegel, 83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer that wants to give feedback and can’t because of an unresponsive mobile platform.

Your vendor should not only be offering mobile integration but also offering the same features that are on the kiosk. For instance the questions should be the same, the experience on mobile should be fully branded, it should provide location selection, and the mobile portal should be visually appealing. Pew Research claims 91% of adults are using cellphones, so it’s important you’re including a mobile option. 

Having a customer feedback kiosk vendor with these qualities brings your brand one step closer to providing an amazing customer experience.

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