Loop® for Restaurants

Improve service quality and drive repeat business.

The foundation for a successful restaurant business starts with satisfied guests. Great customer service creates repeat guests and brand advocates, so it’s imperative that you empower your front-line staff to provide outstanding customer service. Through Loop®, they have the tools and real-time feedback they need to go above and beyond to continuously win over guests and drive repeat visits. Engage with your guests in real time, increase revenue, and improve front-line operations with the award-winning Loop solution for restaurants.


Loop Pulse™

Loop Pulse™ is an award-winning mobile engagement solution that measures guest sentiment. Guests can rate the quality of their experience while in store; the data collected helps businesses identify operational strengths and weaknesses and recover at-risk guests.


A Winning


Loop® Scoreboard

The companion product to Loop Pulse™, the Loop® Scoreboard displays live QSC data collected through Loop Pulse™ to your front-line employees, motivating them to resolve issues affecting the quality of service.

A Winning Combination


Holistic View of Guests

Weekly reports and heat maps indicate areas where service and operations can be improved, right down to the day and time.


Encourage Staff Engagement

Fostering friendly competition between shifts, locations, and territories drives guest-facing staff to continuously improve QSC company wide.


Recover At-Risk Guests

With the immediate routing of messages through Loop Pulse™, team members can identify and recover at-risk guests before they leave the property.


Improve Operations

Loop collects data on an hourly, shift, and daily basis, then condenses it into a report that shows where service and operations can be improved.

Benbria® is helping us establish a deeper personal connection
between our staff and our customers by facilitating more
feedback during their visit.

Senior Director Operating Excellence, A&W Canada

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