3 Tools to Strengthen Your Brands Online Presence

Today’s consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before, in fact, according to a Statista survey, there are approximately 3.58 billion people on the Internet today.

An online presence is vital to running a successful business. It showcases to your target audience what you have to offer while also strengthening your marketing reach.

In order to create a strong online presence, here are the top three tools you need to leverage:

Social Media

According to a Hootsuite and We Are Social report, there are around 3.028 billion active social media users around the world. That’s a substantial number when you consider that the Earths population is estimated to be 7.524 billion people.

Depending on the type of response you get online, social can either make you or break you. Your team should have a social media strategy in place: sending out relevant and engaging content for guests, making sure the brands voice is disseminated, while also responding promptly to commenters.

There are also tools like Loop worth considering to manage these messages from multiple social channels, and with usage expected to grow considerably, consider it in your upcoming technology budget. Any opportunity to receive and respond to a question from a prospective customer only helps convert a browser into a buyer.

Online Reviews

Online reviews can sometimes be the end all to an organization. But when leveraged the right way and promoted to happy guests, online reviews can actually have a very positive outcome.

Take the time to let your guests know about review sites, have it integrated into your organizations app or introduce a feedback platform via texting or messaging to encourage more reviews. Providing guests with an avenue for posting lets them know you care about them and their experience.

Seamless Website Experience

Imagine having a customer hear amazing things about your organization from a friend but then when they visit your site its slow, unresponsive and it just doesn’t follow the seamless experience that you brand offers.

Your website should be responsive, easy to navigate through and full of detailed information that can help any guest find what they need. Your website should include all you need to know including links to social accounts and a design responsive to mobile. You can even have dedicated web messaging on your site to give prospective customers a channel to ask a question in the most opportune moment – when considering to make a purchase.

If you don’t have enough information and the only way the customer can ask a question is by e-mail or phone, you could be losing out on revenue. Adding web messaging to your site means you can listen and respond to clarify a question on a product or offering – allowing the customer to make an informed decision and click that every coveted “buy now” or “reserve now” button.

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