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In our series “Bridging the Generation Gap in Hospitality Tech”, we covered the needs, behaviours, and preferences of the Baby Boomers when it comes to travel. Most of them are in their spending prime, and if they haven’t already retired, then they will soon. More than any other generation, they have the time and the money to travel extensively — and luxuriously. We’ve rounded up a few more Baby Boomer travel statistics to help you understand them better.

Baby Boomer travel statistics: Boomers and Vacation Time

  1. According to AARP Travel Research: 2015 Boomer Travel Trends, more than 90 percent of employed Boomers receive paid vacation time each year. (Source: AARP Travel Research: 2015 Boomer Travel Trends)
  1. In that same report they found almost all Baby Boomers — 99 percent, in fact — have said they will travel for leisure in 2016.

  1. Of those Baby Boomers who are employed, 54 percent say they will use all or almost all of their allotted vacation time.
  1. TripAdvisor TripBarometer Travel Trends 2016 found more than 50 percent of Baby Boomer leisure travelers choose a destination based on its cultural value.
  1. Preferred Hotel Group reported one-third of Baby Boomer leisure travelers who are also grandparents have taken a trip with their grandchildren.
  1. Statista found that 32 percent of Baby Boomers said they traveled to strike something off their bucket list in 2015.
  1. AARP Travel Research: 2016 Travel Trends says florida is the number one domestic destination for Baby Boomers; internationally, it’s the Caribbean.
  1. Adweek has reported that 29 percent of Baby Boomers prefer to spend their money on a luxury vacation.

Baby Boomer travel statistics: Boomers and the Economy

  1. A Nielsen and BoomAgers report revealed in the U.S., Baby Boomers consist of more than 80 million consumers.
  1. In a AARP Travel Research report it was revealed that this is a generation that isn’t afraid to spend. Two-thirds of Boomers say that high prices have no impact on their travel plans.
  1. Skift found that baby Boomers have an annual travel spending power of $120 billion.
  1. It’s predicted in a study conducted by Nielsen that by 2017, Baby Boomers will control more than 70 percent of disposable income in the United States.
  1. According to Trip Advisor 68 percent of Baby Boomers are influenced by accommodation prices when planning their travel. 

Baby Boomer travel statistics: Boomers and Lodging

  1. AARP Travel Research: 2016 Travel Trends found 30 percent of Boomers who travel domestically plan to stay with relatives instead of at a hotel.
  1. According to Statista 40 percent of international travelers prefer to stay at a hotel, while only four percent would rather stay at an Airbnb or vacation rental unit.
  1. TripAdvisor TripBarometer Travel Trends 2016 discovered that 52 percent of Baby Boomers rely on word of mouth from family and friends when planning their travel.
  1. In that same report, 22 percent of Baby Boomers said they visited a destination because the accommodation had a specific offer or package.

Baby Boomer travel statistics: Boomers and Technology

  1. According to AARP Travel Research: 2016 Travel Trends two-thirds of Baby Boomers say they won’t post to a social media website while they’re on vacation.
  1. Statista reported 39 percent of Baby Boomers use travel booking sites to plan their trips, 50 percent do not use them at all.
  1. In an Adweek infographic it was displayed that 41 percent of Baby Boomers book travel using a laptop; only nine percent book via mobile.
  1. In a Pew Research Center presentation it was brought to light that 59 percent of younger Baby Boomers (aged 51 to 59) own a smartphone, while 46 percent of older Baby Boomers (aged 60 to 69) own one.
  1. That same study showed 77 percent of Baby Boomers between the ages of 50 and 64 describe their smartphone as “freedom.”
  1. The AARP Travel Research: 2016 Travel Trends revealed that when it comes to hotel Wi-Fi, 43 percent of Baby Boomers must have it in their rooms, and they expect it to be free.
  1. The same study reported, the majority of Baby Boomers — 69 percent — say they do not offer feedback to brands via social media, but another 19 percent will use it to contact a hotel.
  1. TripAdvisor TripBarometer Travel Trends 2016 showed that online review websites are influential in the decision to book: 55 percent of Baby Boomers heed them when choosing accommodations. 
  1. TripAdvisor additionally found that fifty-five (55) percent of Baby Boomers say a smartphone is essential while traveling.
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