Reputation management can be a problem area for many businesses. The internet has made it easy for guests to broadcast their satisfaction (or, in many cases, their displeasure) with a brand to others all over the world. In the space of a few minutes, a public excoriation can be seen by thousands of users on...
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  “Any problem you might have (for us, we needed a different coffeemaker, needed towels on several days, had an issue at the pool) can be easily taken care of by using…Loop! On your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. log into the Sandals Loop, and your issue can be taken care of ASAP by the quick response by...
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It was another beautiful day in Chicago at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show 2016! Between cooking demonstrations and breaks for food sampling on the exhibition floor, chefs and industry leaders shared their thoughts on trends restaurants are experiencing now, and some they can expect to see in the coming months. The #NRAShow is awesome...
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Day two of the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show 2016 dawned bright and beautiful in Chicago! Restaurateurs and thought leaders returned to McCormick Place to chat everything related to service, talent retention, and technology. Great afternoon in #Chicago! Join us on our patio after the #NRAShow – we open at 4PM! — The Betty...
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Under sunny skies, the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show 2016 kicked off on Saturday at McCormick Place in Chicago. Restaurateurs, executives, and thought leaders from every corner of the restaurant industry converged to bring their perspectives and insights on the changes they’ve been seeing, particularly when it comes to technology. Here are some highlights from...
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As humankind progresses toward full automation, chatbots and robots are increasingly being introduced into customer service environments. To some guests, this development might sound antithetical to the notion of customer service, but for many, the option of self-service is faster and more efficient than dealing with a human representative. There’s also the benefit to business...
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What Is Mobile Guest Engagement? In an age of hyper-connectedness, today’s guest wants to connect with their favourite brands using their mobile device. Social media is one obvious communication channel, but there are other ways for brands to tap into this phenomenon to encourage customer loyalty and drive repeat business. Mobile guest engagement enables guests...
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When your front-line staff prepare to welcome guests each morning, chances are they do a routine check that everything is in order. In a restaurant, for example, it’s likely that they stock the condiment caddy with packets of ketchup and salt, wipe down tables and counters, and fill the napkin dispenser. In fact, we’re betting...
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Social media has given the general public an instant channel through which they can air their complaints — and sometimes, when they’re particularly displeased, they can be downright rude about it. Responding to a negative comment on social media can be a delicate process, but it is also an integral part of guest relationship management. Here...
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The founder of the International Luxury Hotel Association (ILHA) and one of the hospitality industry’s most influential figures, Barak Hirschowitz has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about hotel management over his career. He tells us why he started the ILHA, what the word “grand” means to him, and the lessons he’s learned throughout his career. Q:...
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