Loop® for Hotel Guests

Guest experience is the ultimate differentiator. Loop® Mobile Guest Engagement enables hoteliers to improve Guest Satisfaction Scores (GSS), save at-risk guests, increase guest satisfaction, enhance the guest experience, improve business operations, increase market share, and improve online ratings.

Loop® for Hotel Events

Conferences are a significant revenue stream for full-service hotels. Loop® Mobile Event Engagement empowers hoteliers to differentiate their property’s event offering, streamline event operations, increase event revenue, increase meeting planner satisfaction, and improve event renewals.

Loop® for Restaurants

Increase same-store sales, build stronger customer relationships, improve business operations, recover at-risk guests, increase repeat business, and improve online ratings with Loop Mobile Customer Engagement.

Loop® for Retail

Increase in-store sales conversion rates, improve store operations, increase same-store sales, improve customer experience, increase foot traffic, transform showroomers into sales, and increase repeat business with Loop Mobile Customer Engagement.

Loop® for Employees

Happy employees provide a better customer experience, resulting in satisfied and loyal customers, and in turn, profitability. Improve employee morale, retention and productivity by providing a real-time personal connection between employees and designated management team members with Loop® Team Engagement.


Deliver timely information to the right people at the right time, using BlazeCast for your day-to-day activities such as billing notices, order status, and appointment reminders, or during crisis-oriented events such as outages, recalls, and emergency response.