Hotel Guest

Loop® is not a survey. As an on-property operational solution, Loop Mobile Guest Engagement enables hoteliers to connect and communicate with guests in real-time, capture their input and requests via mobile, and direct them to staff for action. The result – save at-risk guests, increase guest satisfaction, enhance the guest experience, improve business operations, improve online ratings and foster positive reviews.

“We deployed Benbria‘s Loop solution with the goal of growing our market share and increasing our competitive advantage. Benbria is helping us establish a deeper personal connection between our staff and our customers by facilitating more feedback during their visit. This real-time staff action is helping us to enhance the customer‘s experience, mitigate negative online reviews and foster positive ratings, while up-to-the-second customer insight on quality of food, service and facilities has helped us to boost employee motivation and productivity on a daily basis.”Nancy Wuttunee, Senior Director Operating Excellence A&W Canada